When the Sophia Business Angels started the International Venture Academies 8 years ago, Marilyn was one of the key founders. She was so good that every time we had an International Venture Academy (twice a year), which was attended by people the world over from Turkey, India, the USA, Germany, Africa, Saudi Arabia, etc., Marilyn was always asked to give a special session to "coach" the "coaches and mentors."

In Marilyn, these entrepreneurs always knew they could find not only smart and wise counsel, but human counsel.

However, I wanted to write immediately to say that Marilyn is truly the best coach I or anyone else in the entire Business Angel community in Europe, Middle East and Africa have ever encountered. I think she literally created "Entrepreneur Coaching" here in this part of the world.

               —Candace Johnson, President EBAN, President Emeritus Sophia Business Angels

Mme. Davison was involved as a consultant to review our administrative processes. The project was divided into areas for which a working group was set-up. Mme Davison was a facilitator/advisor for two of these groups. She had to guide us though new concepts and techniques; systems thinking: a one day course given by her and where she assisted in its implementation. Process mapping: assistance was given throughout the project reporting to top management; as the aim of the project was to take decisions the reporting was crucial and again she assisted not only in the methodology but also in the actual presentation of the conclusions.

Mme. Davison has given valuable help in managing the project team, even in difficult circumstances as tensions and disagreements surfaced at the beginning fo the project. She had a courteous, and friendly approach, which helped her to firmly direct the team towards quick results.

In conclusion to the addition to the actual decisions taken and implemented, Mme Davison's contribution was very much focused on raising the level of expertise of all the participants.

               —Jean-Paul Soyer Director (retired) Eurocontrol Brussels Belgium

Marilyn was my final thesis coach and supervisor while I was finishing my MBA at EDHEC in France. Marilyn was instrumental in providing timely critiques and recommendations throughout the duration of the final project. Ce fut un plaisir d'avoir l'occasion de travailler avec.

               —David Johnson,  Alberta Urban Municipalities Association

I first worked with Marilyn when I was a Partner at Ernst & Young's Center for Business Innovation and Marilyn was with Innovation Associates. She brought Systems Thinking to several key clients, and I learned the power of this tool, and of her finely honed ability to use this with her clients to great effect.

               —Vaughan Merlyn, The Merlyn Group

Marilyn proved an invaluable adviser to us. Her expertise with team dynamics in multicultural settings helped us identify and resolve issues early on, build stronger teams, and ultimately lead to improved business outcomes and performance.

               —Karim Samra, Hult Price Foundation

I have had the distinct pleasure of having Marylyn as a Hot Spots coach at our company. She is very thorough in everything she does and can be depended upon to get the job done.

Marylyn is extremely enthusiastic about her work which is infectious. Her efforts have produced high quality results time and time again. She is a truly exceptional individual.

               —Piotr Wieczorek, Hot Spots Movement

Marilyn Davison was the facilitator for our Leadership Retreat in November 2015. She put a lot of work into the preparation of the event, met each and every member of the Senior team and made sure she understood thoroughly all of the company's challenges and opportunities. During the retreat, with the support of her colleague, Julia Ross, she was able to create a very positive dynamics in the group, helping us interact with each other to better identify our hot spots and articulate a compelling vision for the company. We also learned about “system thinking” and how to adopt a more holistic point of view to solve complex problems. The facilitation was pleasant and very well calibrated, both giving us some directions and ideas, and leaving a lot of space for us to interact with each other.

               —Anne Miller, Chief of Staff to the General Manager at Keolis Commuter Services

I would recommend Marilyn as a hard-working and caring businesswoman with cross cultural experience in coaching entrepreneurs.

Marilyn is a Personal Advocate, with a specialty in team building, for Demeter Entrepreneurs. In this capacity, she provided support to an incubator in Niger, working in English and French to understand the needs of individual members and provide the director a plan for building and fostering a more incentivized, engaged, and productive team in a difficult work environment.

Marilyn also taught a well-received session on team building to aspiring entrepreneurs through Momentum, a class that Demeter has taught at The Fletcher School and MIT.

               —Vimala Palaniswamy, CEO and Co-Founder at Demeter Entrepreneurs Support Network

I met Marilyn at a workshop she provided while I was part of a startup accelerator program in Boston. At that point in time, IMPCT was at an early stage. She shared her insights about the steps towards becoming a well-integrated, high-performance team and she seemed to describe precisely the process we had been - and were going - through. I enjoyed listening to her so much that I asked if she could do another session with just our team and share some best practices. Today, a year, $1MM in funding and 15 additional teammates later, we still use some of the tools she gave us. In fact, I'm about to do my daily check-out (one of the things she taught us), I'll share about the importance of being grateful with those that have helped along the way. Thank you, Marilyn!

               —Juan Diego Prudot, CTO and Co-founder of IMPCT