Marilyn recently returned to the United States after living in France

and Belgium for 20 years. She worked for large global consultancies,

academically associated firms, and was co-director at a small French


Marilyn is currently serving on the Avisory Board, Tufts Center

for Entrepreneurial Leadership.

International Consulting Experience

Marilyn's international consulting assignments ranged from a two-year,

on-site process re-engineering initiative with a large European Union–linked

organization with 35 different nationalities to large enterprise resource

planning projects with a Belgian utility company and a French/American

oil company.

While working with a large consultancy, she introduced organizational learning both internally and throughout Europe and the U.K. She delivered presentations for executive seminars coached junior consultants and did systems diagnosis for client situations (example, a banking merger).

During this time Marilyn was consistently coaching high-level executives and doing practicing workplace/team mediation and team capacity building.

US Based Consulting

Since returning to the US, Marilyn has continued consulting with executive and entrepreneurial teams. She assisted a Boston suburb's Department of Health & Human Services in developing team capability. This assignment involved an assessment and skill building seminars.

Marilyn coached a large French company's Boston division's  Franco-American executive team. She interviewed the team members, designed and delivered a seminar based on a systemic assessment of the interview themes. The seminar included systems  dynamics skill building; enabling the team to design initiatives that had the the most potential for leverage in their system.


While living in France, Marilyn traveled to Israel numerous times to better understand the practices of deep listening, dialogue and decision-making processes among the Bedouins and Druze . She lived in Salama, a Bedouin village in the north of Israel, and traveled through the country with a Bedouin guide to visit the wise men and women of the Bedouin and Druze communities.

An interview with Marilyn about her research with the Bedouins was published in the

Danish Journal Issues from the House of Futures

Marilyn's research paper: Learnings for Organizations from the Bedouins and the Druze

Marilyn's presentation with photographic portraits of the wise men and women:

Bedouins and Druze, Stories of Dialogue, Conflict and Resolution

Board and Volunteer Activities

     Leadership positions

          South End Ellis Neighborhood - Liquor Licensing Commission

          We Forest – Social Media Management

          Lakeland Terrier Club – Vice President

          European Women's Network – Nice Cote d Azur – Mentoring Director

     Active membership

          FACCNE French American Chamber of Commerce New England

          French Cultural Center Boston

          Sophia Business Angels

          Global Board Ready Women

          ICPA Institute of Coaching

          Society of Organizational Learning

          Mediators Beyond Borders

          Brussels Professional Women's Club

          Paris Professional Women's Club

          Pet Partners (national Pet Therapy organization)

          Association of Americans Residents Overseas

          Dog B.O.N.E.S Pet therapy of Massachusetts

          Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine Charles Tufts Society


Marilyn (left) with her colleague Julia Ross.